Our Experience in the foundry process allows for in-house mold design and custom bronze, aluminum and iron casting with a focus in art. See our Gallery page for more images.

Below is a video of a custom bronze casting. It is designed to transform blown glass into the shape of a wrinkled paper bag. The mold must come apart within a few seconds. Both foundry and fabrication work were applied for this piece.


Resin sand and ceramic shell molds

Depending on the project, we offer both resin bonded sand and ceramic shell for mold-making. (featured: one of a three part chili bowl sand mold)


We make artistic and architectural castings as well as reproductions using traditional pattern and mold making techniques. (featured: chili-bowl molds)

B2DC5C8D-7F21-42AA-8514-B5792EE83DC4 copy.jpg


Cupola and furnaces

We have the ability to pour large scale iron molds with our variety of cupolas, also known as iron furnaces. Within the shop, we have bronze and aluminum furnaces as well. We can pour 30-50 lbs of aluminum, 90-400 lbs of bronze, and 100-650 lbs of iron. (featured: one of our cupolas)


To learn more about foundry work, check out this PBS video on Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama featuring one of the owners of Foxfire Metalworks, Remy Hanemann.

Below is a link to an NPR interview with Remy Hanemann on Sloss Furnaces.